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Audit Log

What you will learn here

On this page you will learn how to use feature “Audit Log”


The audit log allows administrators to look back at changes that have been made to your site. This is useful when you need to troubleshoot a problem or if you need to keep a record of important events, such as changes to user search permissions.

View the CBPP’s audit log

To view the CBPP's audit log:

  1. Select :cog: > General Configuration

  2. Under the section Confluence Browser People Permission, select Audit Log

Filter audit log entries

Audit logs can include many historical entries but you can use the filters to narrow them down. You can filter either by date range, status (the result of executing an action), author (who executes the action) or category.

  • Date Range

  • Status (SUCCESS or FAILURE)

  • Author


  • Category

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