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Inbox Macro Manager

What you will learn here

How to use feature Inbox Macro Manager

Following these steps to go to Inbox Macro Manager page:

  1. Select :cog: > General Configuration.

  2. Under the section Confluence Browser People Permission select Configuration.

  3. Select the tab Inbox Macro Manager.


There are some inbox macros that can cause information leaks (e.g.: User List macro). Therefore we give the Confluence administrators the ability to turn those plugins on or off.

Macro Availability

To enable or disable a macro, simply toggle the switch beside the macro.

Macro Usage

We list all the pages using that macro for the Confluence administrator to check manually whether those pages can cause information leaks.

Our App Uninstallation

After our app installation, please note that we do not actively manage inbox macro statuses. To enable or disable them, please adjust the settings manually in Manage Apps

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