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People Directory Whitelist

What you will learn here

How to configure for feature Browse User People Directory

For all the following procedures,

  • Confluence Browse People Permission App must be installed on your Confluence server, data center (see our Installation Guide for detailed instructions).

  • You must be logged in as a user with the Confluence Administrators global permission.

By default, user don’t have permission to browse button “People” in menu bar of confluence. And browser “People Directory“ page

Following these steps for go to User Search Permission page:

  1. Select :cog: > General Configuration

  2. Under section Confluence Browser People Permission select Configuration

  3. Select tab People Directory WhiteList

Grant group to view “People”

  1. Select the group you want to grant the permission to view the “People” button and “People Directory” page

Remove group to cannot view “People”

  1. Hover to the group you want to remove out of the white list, click to the “cross” icon

When Confluence is in read-only mode, CBPP is also in read-only mode. This means that the app is not configurable until Confluence is taken out of read-only mode.

The Confluence Administrators always have the permission to view the “People Directory” page. You don’t need to add that group to White List

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