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Release Notes

A short explanation on version numbers

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  1. MAJOR version when incompatible API changes are made

  2. MINOR version when functionality in a backward-compatible manner is added

  3. PATCH version when backward-compatible bug is fixed

2.0.0 (10/02/2022)

The first Cloud version has been released.

New Features

  • Customize the content of Jira built-in panels “Issue Links”, and “Sub-tasks”,… such as adding additional issue metadata, and adding customized header names by using the example panel created by the app

  • Customize the layout of the panels on the user interface, such as reordering or ranking columns of the panel.

  • Limit the number of issues displayed in the panel, and use pagination to browse all issues.

  • Use the simple and known JQL to define your condition.

  • Access to already existing filters so implementing JQL from scratch is not needed.

  • Use the permission concept to limit the visibility of a panel to a group or a project role.

  • Additional Functions, which help you to define even more complex JQL, reflect the dynamic context of the Panel and Issue

  • Limit "Shared Filter" for "Issue Panel" to those filters which are shared with the corresponding project and currently logged-in user

  • Export Issue Panel to CSV/Print PDF

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