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Installation Guide

What you will learn here

On this page you will learn how to install the app “User Data Cleanup for Jira“ in Jira


You must be:

  • Logged in as an admin of the Jira Data Center instance.


  1. Go to image-20240503-111302.png > Manage apps.

  2. Click Find new apps.

  3. Search for User Data Cleanup for Jira.

  4. Click Try free to begin a 30-day trial or Buy now to purchase a license for "User Data Cleanup for Jira".

  5. Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.

  6. Click Apply license.

  7. The plugin will be installed and available.

The app "User Data Cleanup for Jira" will be displayed under User-installed apps.

Licenses expiration behavior

Licenses have expiration dates. The app can be updated as long as the evaluation license is valid. However, once the license period ends, the app will no longer function. This means that the following features will be affected:

  • Create/Edit/Read Details of Rule: This feature will be removed.

  • Leaving Day Clean: This feature will be removed.

  • Permanent Clean: This feature will be removed.

  • Backup & Restore: This feature will be removed.

  • Audit Log: This feature will be removed.

  • The list of cleaned Users for the Leaving Day Clean feature will remain available in a read-only format.

  • Stored data in database tables are still preserved.

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