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Why I can not see some private filter, dashboards or agile boards of a user when I do previewing ?

1. Missing clean component(s) in your Rule

We have clean components:

  • Private Filters

  • Private Dashboards

  • Private Agile Boards

Make sure you include these component(s) in your Rule

2. Dark features configured in Jira

Within Site Wide Dark Features of Jira, there is a feature called ‘com.atlassian.jira.privateEntitiesEditable’ which prevents Jira administrators from managing private Filters and private Dashboards. Our app will also be affected by this feature, so you will not be able to see user’s private filters, private dashboards and event agile boards which are related to the private filters.

This limitation is imposed by Jira's configuration and cannot be overridden by our app.


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