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Administrator Guide


  • Link Workflow Graphic for Jira Add-on is already installed on your JIRA server with a license or trial license
  • You must be logged in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission

Step by step guide

Here are the exact steps you should take to setup a Workflow Graphic. Click on the links to get to the detailed introduction.
  1. Create a Graphic Language Scheme

    1. Add a graphic
    2. Associate it with a language
  2. Create a Workflow Graphic Scheme
    1. Associate a workflow with the Graphic Language Scheme set in previous step
  3. Associate your project with the Language Scheme set in previous step

Backup and Restore configurations


Link Workflow Graphic for Jira provides the ability to back up all your configuration for "Link Workflow Graphic for JIRA" add-on. Go to Create Backup for more information.


To find out how to restore Workflow Graphic configuration from a backup follow this link.

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