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Use the cleanup feature in User Data Cleanup for Jira (UDC) to manage user data, facilitating transfers or removal of identifiable information as needed. This process aids in compliance with the GDPR, particularly the 'right to be forgotten' provision, crucial for handling data of departing individuals.

User Data Cleanup for Jira enables you to:

  • Simplify administrative tasks for securing user data in Jira

  • Meet GDPR (DSGVO) requirements seamlessly

  • Apply a two-stage cleanup process: deactivate, remove, or transfer specific user data on the leaving day, retaining necessary information for traceability, and execute a permanent cleanup

  • Optimize resource allocation by avoiding unnecessary user licenses

  • Enjoy greater flexibility in transferring items and executing bulk actions compared to Atlassian Anonymization

  • Streamline user removal or anonymization processes while effectively organizing user-specific data

Enhance your Jira experience with User Data Cleanup, ensuring efficient and compliant management of user data.

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